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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Gender differences


On woman's day
Nirbhaya case and related discussions on different TV channels by different sets of people drawn me into the painful maelstrom last year. A person think differently on the basis of his or her knowledge, analytical and temperamental level. A person’s view may always not perfect, as nobody is perfect. We are as much perfect as we are close to the perfection. But our media channels do not filter the views on the basis of level of perfection. So, I thought to convert my thoughts on black and white on the subject especially on ‘Women’s Day’.

It is occasionally would have surprised men, listening from females, “all men are same”, or many women, listening from males, “women don’t have mind”. It is easier to be judgmental than to understand each other. It is due to lack of empathetic thinking and inability to understand non-identical creatures. There are difference in physiology, anatomy and psychology between them in technical terms. There are some common examples of their differences-
  • Men distracted easily while talking on phone or doing some work because they are not good in multitasking, where women are.
  • Men have difficulty to search things in refrigerator or cup boards because they have focused or tunnel view, where women are not.
  • Men have less colour identifying ability then women.
  • Men are good in reading maps while women are not.
And so on….

They have differences in like & dislikes, understanding, managing, expressing etc. This subject have influenced many writers to write books like; “Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps” by Allan & Barbara, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” and “Why Mars and Venus Collide” by John Grey etc.

From artistic viewpoint, I also visualize men like a square and women like a circle. Square represent hardness and strength externally and weak and vulnerable inside whereas a circle represent soft and completeness externally but strong and source of power inside.

This is also a reason why men and women reacted differently on reasons of rape and created worldwide chaos last year. In the blame game most of the men blamed women cloths and body exposure whereas, women on man’s mentality. Because of non-understanding of psychology of male and female they do never ending arguments. But, I feel crime of rape is a combination of ‘prakriti, pravritti and paristhiti’ or nature, provoking gesture and circumstances. Attraction towards opposite sex is a natural phenomenon, provoking gesture may consists of activities and body exposure (which provokes men having low self-esteem and will power, but women are unable to understand that because of psycho differences) which can provoke some men of weaker will power, and circumstances are; where such men find favorable conditions of doing this crime.

It is obvious that when a man is emotional, he loses his control on his activities and when a woman is, she loses control on her words. This may be the reason why numbers men are far more in jail, than numbers of women. There is a good example of Draupadi in ‘Mahabharata’, where her words created a great war between men.

If we analyses the situation as a point of view of endocrinology, the difference of nature and characteristics between male and females are due to estrogen a female hormone and testosterone a male hormone.

If we understand the differences between men and women psychology, then only we can reach to the conclusion that they are different, and we have to treat and accept them as they are. We should not be judgmental unless we have 360 degree analysis of the situation.

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